Intro to the Ride Exchange API

Ride Exchange API allows partner Fleets to receive and manage Gett clients jobs.
Within the API, Fleet receives new orders and their updates and submits back ride progress updates.

Main API principles

The API consists of 2 parts:

  • Fleet Server API – an asset of requests submitted by Ride Exchange to Fleet, sending information about jobs;
  • Fleet Client API – an asset of requests that Fleet submits to Ride Exchange to notify about job actions.

Ride Exchange API is asynchronous to offer a Fleet sufficient time to process requests.

  • Fleet response to Fleet Server API request (except for Quotes and Driver picture) should only contain technical acknowledgment that request is received.
  • Whereas all business logic should be submitted via Fleet Client API calls.

Business decision timelines

Ride Exchange limits a time given for Fleet to submit a business decision about new order.
From the moment of new order dispatch, Fleet is given X minutes to either accept or decline it. If fleet fails to respond withing given timeline, the offer will be cancelled by Ride Exchange and Fleet will be notified about it.
Response timeout is being agreed between Gett and Fleet.